Do-It-Yourself Event Administration

Are you planning an event for your congregation or cluster? The Southern Region administrative team has a few recommendations that will make planning, registration, payment processing, and promotion a breeze!


Download this comprehensive planning worksheet for a timeline of critical event planning considerations. The planning worksheet assumes you have a venue in mind for your event. If you need a venue, please consider one of our UU camps and conference centers.


  • Use Google Forms, SurveyMonkey, or another form generator to create free, polished registration forms in minutes, with results which are easy to access and use.
  • The sample form below was created in less than five minutes using Google Forms. If you would like to try Google Forms, log in to your G-mail account, select Google Drive from the apps grid, then select "Forms" from the "New" menu. 

  • You can share access to Google forms by selecting "Add collaborators" from the menu, so other planners involved in your event can help with the form and access the results.
  • Consider carefully which information to request before publicizing the registration form. Some standard fields are:
  • first name
  • last name (separate first and last names for easy sorting)
  • title for name tag
  • email address
  • congregation
  • dietary preference
  • childcare info
  • workshop selection
  • other options: address, special needs, phone number, emergency contact
  • Google Forms will store your registration results in a speadsheet which is accessible from your Google Drive. SurveyMonkey and other form services have downloadable spreadsheets, as well. Use your results to issue invoices, generate event name tags, and keep track of current contact information.


  • Send invoices (or friendly payment requests!) to your registrants using the data in your form results spreadsheet. Tell your registrants how to make out their checks, where to mail checks, and if they can pay at the door.
  • Offer electronic payments using an on-line payment processor, if your congregation or cluster doesn't already have electronic payment processing capability. PayPal, for example, charges 2.9% + $.30 per transaction.


There are several ways to share information about your event:

  • Congregation and cluster website, newsletter, and calendars
  • Facebook posts to groups in your target audience
  • Ask your Primary Contact on the Congregational Life staff if your event can be promoted in the Southern Region newsletter or on the SR calendar
  • Flyers distributed by mail or e-mail

A good flyer should list the following in a simple format (bullet points > paragraphs) with an eye-catching graphic:

  • The name of the event
  • The date(s) and start and end time(s)
  • The event location
  • A brief description of the event (keynote and workshop titles, theme, etc.)
  • The registration link and deadline
  • Cost, if there is a flat fee for participation
  • Contact person for questions

Continue to keep the timeline from the event planning worksheet in mind as the registrations come in. That's it! You're off to the races! 

Please let us know if there is additional information which the Southern Region admins could contribute to this page to help our congregations and clusters plan successful events.