The theme for the Annual District Assemblies is:

We Are Building a New Way!

Please plan to join us from April 17-19, 2015, in Orlando (FLD), Montgomery (MSD), Greensboro (SED), or New Orleans (SWUUC). The 2015 joint Annual Assemblies will feature:

  • an important vote which will help to define our relationships as UU congregations, clusters, elders, and staff in the Southern Region***
  • a keynote address by the Rev. Jeanne Pupke, broadcast to all of the district sites
  • programming, fellowship, singing, and fun!

Information on Regionalization

Our District Presidents and Southern Region staff offered six webinars in 2015 about the plan to dissolve district governance and nurture and develop our relationships in the Southern Region. 

Would you like to learn more about the changes which have already been implemented, the vote on April 18th, and the plans for our future? Great resources for informed delegates and leaders, such as a recorded webinar, the slide presentation used in the webinars, an interview with Rev. Scott Tayler (UUA Director of Congregational Life), and the Covenant of Understanding between our district presidents and our UUA are posted here.
GIFT Update

In 2012, the UUA and the Southern Region embarked on a new course to improve how we share our resources to support the larger faith. GIFT, Generously Investing For Tomorrow, is intended to be a simpler and more equitable program for providing the resources that enable the UUA and the Southern Region to serve our congregations and represent our values and priorities at levels we could not do as individual congregations. Click here to read a comprehensive, updated FAQ document on GIFT.

Welcome to the Southern Region of the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations (UUA). The Florida, Mid-South, Southeast, and Southwest districts of the UUA have united as the UUA's Southern Region. We have consolidated our staff and efforts to equip our congregations with the effective leadership and training they need to build and nurture strong, dynamic congregations for the 21st century throughout the South.

This site is designed to connect the leaders of our faith with information about the annual Dwight Brown and Southern UU Leadership Experiences, region-wide initiatives, training opportunities, and resources. It is a work in progress, as we find the best way to streamline our work as a region while honoring the hard work and interests of the districts we serve. The four district sites are no longer maintained. If there is something you feel would be valuable to other Southern Region UU leaders, please share it with our IT Specialist or your congregation's Primary Contact.